about Clear Forest

Bring the Blessings of the Forest to your Body and Mind

Clear Forest is a product utilizing functional components extracted from Todomatsu, a fir trees,
which is excellent in air purification. It was co-developed by Japan Aroma Laboratory,
which is the group company of S.T. Corporation, and Forest Research and Management Organization.

A forest has a natural air purification system: forest fragrance components bind with air pollutants to
form larger particles, such as NO2, then fall to the forest floor. Thanks to this purification system, the
air in the forest is constantly kept clean. This mechanism was applied to Clear Forest.

The key components of Clear Forest are branches and leaves of Todomatsu, a fir tree grown naturally in
Kushiro, Hokkaido. It includes “B-Phellandrene,” which is a component of forest fragrance.

Clear Forest brings the comfort of nature from “the Clear Forest,” the fir tree forest in the Northern area of Japan.

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Direct Extraction of the Forest Blessings

Clear Forest, a natural fragrance component developed by S.T. Corporation, is a natural air care product
based on a new idea: the application of the forest mechanism to make the air healthy. It is recognized that it has an effect on not only air purification but odor eliminating, forest bathing and antioxidant action as well.

S.T. Corporation aims to balance “comfortable life for people” and “forest restoration” through Clear Forest.

Effective utilization of the Components Extracted from Branches and Leaves of Todomatsu

S.T. Corporation has “the Clear Forest,” the fir tree forest in Kushiro, Hokkaido.

Tree thinning is necessary to help the forest grow. Although tree trunks harvested at the time of the thinning are used for architectural materials, tree branches and leaves have not been practically used up to now. “Clear Forest” is made from the components extracted from branches and leaves of Todomatsu which have been unused resources and left in the forest when the thinning has been done.

Not only will it help environmental pollution problem solving but it also contributes to the effective use of forest resources that have been discarded.


A recycling-oriented business model which is ideal for people and the forest.
As a part of the business model, “AIR QUEST Green” is the world's first product developed jointly.

In addition to this product, “Clear Forest Business” produced various goods.

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