about AIR QUEST Green

An Air Conditioner Filter to Reproduce Purified Forest Air

“AIR QUEST Green” is an air conditioner filter to deodorize a room and purify air, using S.T.
Corporation's own “Clear Forest” technology.

Have you ever realized the air is clean  in the forest?
That is not a false sense. Data shows that air pollutant concentration in the forest is far lower than that in urban areas.

The air in the forest is always kept clean.
We have reproduced the forest's air purification mechanism into our air conditioner filter, “AIR QUEST Green.”

Reproducing Forest Air That Makes You Feel Like Taking a Deep Breath

Todomatsu,a fir tree which grows naturally in Hokkaido, Japan, is
known to be able to remove nitrogen dioxide(NO2) that generates exhaust gas and PM2.5.
By employing this type of air purification system from the natural forest,
“AIR QUEST Green” is designed to steadily remove nitrogen dioxide and deodorize a smell in a room.

“AIR QUEST Green” enables an air conditioner to produce forest-like clear air.

Just Putting on an Air Conditioner Makes the Air in a Room Clean

The component of “Clear Forest,” which is put in the filter, removes more than 80% of nitrogen
dioxide(NO2), formaldehyde and toluene that are the most significant sources of air pollution, as well as 80% of ammonia,
hydrogen sulfate and acetic acid that ingenerate sweaty smell and others.

As a matter of course, by putting the filter on an air conditioner inlet port, it prevents dust from penetrating into the inside of an air conditioner.
It is easy to use for anyone, just putting the filter on an inlet port from outside like a seal.

Striping on the filter signals the level of dirt, informing the timing of replacement.

todomatuhow to usetodomatu  

Before using “AIR QUEST Green,” wipe off dirt on the panel and air
inlet port of an air conditioner to clean the surface to be attached.

Take a sticker off

Note that the only upper and lower sides of the adhesive surface are wider. Take off “AIR QUEST Green” from the release paper a little, and check on the adhesive surface.


Place the stickers

Cover over the inlet port of an air conditioner with “AIR QUEST Green,” and take off “AIR QUEST Green” from its release paper and paste it up on the plane surface of the air conditioner panel little by little. Make sure not to get into the inlet port, or it may cause coming off.



Press the sticker firmly once again not to make a space between “AIR QUEST Green” and the inlet port of the air conditioner, and make sure that it is firmly attached.

Air Pollution Problems in the World

Air pollution has a harmful influence on human health and environment to increase particles and gas components in the atmosphere, caused mainly by human economic and social activities.

World Health Organization(WHO) defines “particulate matter, carbon monoxide(CO), ozone(O3), nitrogen dioxide(NO2) and sulfur dioxide(SO2)” as substances causing air pollution.

In addition, the organization warns that air pollution is the world's “single biggest environmental health risk” as over seven million people die each year from it.

About Nitrogen Dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide(NO2) is a typical substance causing air pollution that is generated in high‐temperature combustion in the air.
It is particularly included in factory and automobile exhaust gas.

Although nitrogen dioxide is a harmful substance causing respiratory diseases in itself, it becomes a carcinogen when it changes into a substance causing photochemical smog or PM2.5 by exposure to sunlight.

Purify the Air by the Power of the Forest

What if we inhale nitrogen dioxide(NO2) that is a typical substance causing air pollution whenever we take a breath?
Why don't you clean away air pollution substances with such anxiety by “AIR QUEST Green”?

Data shows that Todomatsu, a fir tree which grows naturally in Hokkaido, has the highest capability to purify the air.

“AIR QUEST Green” uses “Clear Forest,” functional tree extract from Todomatsu which has excellent capability to purify the air.

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