air quest

An air conditioner filter to reproduce purified forest air

about AIR QUEST Green

“AIR QUEST Green” is an air conditioner filter to deodorize a room and purify the air, using S.T. Corporation's own “Clear Forest” technology.

Have you ever realized the air is clean in the forest?
That is not a false sense.  Data shows that air pollutant concentration in the forest is far lower than that in urban areas.

The air in the forest is always kept clean.
We have reproduced the forest's air purification mechanism into our air conditioner filter, “AIR QUEST Green.”

We breathe 28,800 times in a day.
Is the air in your room healthy?

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A forest has a natural air purification system: forest fragrance components bind with air pollutants to form larger particles,
such as NO2,  then fall down to the ground. Thanks to this purification system, the air in the forest is constantly kept clean.
This mechanism was applied to Clear Forest.

The key components of Clear Forest are branches and leaves of Todomatsu, a fir tree grown naturally in Kushiro, Hokkaido.
It includes “B-Phellandrene,” which is a component of forest fregrance.

 We deliver the comfort of mother nature from “the Clear Forest,” the fir tree forest in the Northern area of Japan.